The Ballarat City Rowing Club Committee oversees the management of the club.

The Committee meets on the first Monday of each month at the Lake View Hotel (upstairs). Committee members are elected by club members on an annual basis.

The 2017/18 Committee 

President - Nathan Sims
Vice President - Jamie McDonald

Secretary - Sue Peacock
Treasurer - Kathryn Mills
General committee members - Danielle Foley, Kathy Lloyd, Vanessa McCallum, Meg Merrylees, Annette Weir

Ballarat Rowing Association

The Ballarat Rowing Association (BRA) oversees rowing in Ballarat and the running of the Ballarat Regatta. Each rowing club and rowing school has delegates on the Ballarat Rowing Association.

Ballarat City Rowing Club BRA delegates

Barry Wright
Ron Young
Nathan Sims
Danielle Foley
Kathy Lloyd
Meg Merrylees
Jamie McDonald